Afgelopen jaar werden er voor het eerst Masterclasses gegeven op het NK, die vrij toegankelijk zijn voor bezoekers! Heb je interesse in het geven van een Masterclass in 2020? Neem vooral contact met ons op!

Last year, three masterclasses were given during the Open Dutch Juggling Championships, which are open for all visitors! Are you interested in giving a Masterclass in 2020? Make sure to let us know!

Mees Jager - Sprung patterns

Mees will teach us one of his specialities: Sprung! Entry requirements: Steady 3 ball box, preferably 4 ball sprung etc.

Saturday 14:30

Max participants: 20

Alexis Levillon - Vertax tricks

A masterclass in his signature move: advanced Vertax tricks! Entry requirements: A few basic tricks in Vertax

Sunday 10:30

Max participants: 20

Julian Saether - How to train number juggling

How to train higher numbers well? Julian will share his insights! No entry requirements

Saturday 11:30

Max participants: 30